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Communicate with your viewers even without mic!

Show your messages on screen instead of using default chatbox.


- Browser source files for OBS
- Chatting interface

Open the onstreamchat-editor.html to set up the looks and expressions

*Live2D model, images, and sound not included
*For use in Windows OS

v2.1b Update
- Fixed application not working when the avatar animation is "none"

v2.1 Update
- Added history
You can now display up to 5 previous chats.
*To update replace overwrite your folder with the content in the update version zip

v2.0c Update
- Fixed default duration not working
*To update, replace the "assets" folder

v2.0b Update
- Changed how the animation work
- Added avatar animation (jump and bounce)

v2.0 Update
- Added design editor
- Added avatar feature
- Added expressions editor
- Custom sound effects for expressions
* The interface is still using the same v1.1

v1.1 Update
- Chat interface is now based on C# instead of Java. Less dependencies.
- New feature to trigger hotkeys for animations or expressions in VTube Studio.
- Now has resizable window.
- Now saves the last position and size when you close the window.
- Now has a cute icon.

v1.0b Update
- Updated the algorithm on sending and reading messages. Now includes a timestamp on the message, allowing same message to be sent and higher refresh rate.

I want this!
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